September 2018 – Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

We’re here to inspire you to live a more adventurous life.

People will say that travel is one of the greatest experiences of life, that there’s no way to broaden your outlook better than traveling to far off lands and exploring their customs. Then they go to the same tourist destinations everyone else goes to and shop in all the same gift shops with the miniature spoons and ceramic thimbles.

That’s not what we do.

We seek out new places and new experiences. We follow the path less traveled to see the things that aren’t captured on post cards. We’re always looking for something new, something different, something extraordinary.

We’ve seen some amazing things. We’re going to see some more, and we’re going to bring them all back here. We think every experience is sweetened when it’s shared so we’re going document our travels in worlds and photos and share them here in hopes that we can inspire you to live a more adventurous life.

If your adventure takes you to foreign lands, we’ll have some practical advice for you. We’ll talk about gear and people and events and all the ways you can find adventure. If you can’t travel, we’ll bring a bit of the world back to you because everyone deserves to see the wonders the world has to offer.

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